What Do We Call You?

Made decent progress with my solo music project this week. Quite pleased with it so far. However, I have been considering changing the name. Currently writing under the name Space Opera, but that might not fit with how I plan future albums to sound. I want this EP to sound sci-fi like, so am keeping that in mind when picking and tweaking synths. Somewhere down the line though, I may want the music to sound more organic. I do really like the name Space Opera though, and I could only find one band with the same name; a classic rock act from decades ago. Maybe I should do more research before making a decision. My first choice for an alternative name is Falling Ovation. My intuition though says to hold that for something special. I don’t even know what.


This year, I may break a personal record for how long it takes to put on my Halloween costume. A few years ago I was Babadook, and the whole thing took me just over an hour. Sixty minutes of that was applying the makeup. It was worth it. Lots of compliments on that costume. Prior to that, I think the longest it took me was nearly an hour to put on my Zorg costume. However, that costume was crappy. More details about Halloween costumes to come in a later blog.


Virtually no writing was done this week, due to necessary Halloween costume work. Know there were going to be tasks to accomplish later on in the week, and band practice, I decided to move writing to the back burning last week. This is not my first choice, but certain times come for certain measures.


Life is so much better when you do not have to go to your day job. My day off midweek was put to good use. I fished a piece for my short story collection, changed the strings on all my guitars, worked on some new music – both for the band I’m in and for my own project – and made a little progress on my Halloween costume. Did some house work, too; but that is not particularly thrilling.


I need to start considering which writing project I want to pursue following this collection of shorts. That is quite far off, but I always feel better being prepared and having my sights ahead. Not sure I want to talk further about what those projects might be.


All I day I’ve been feeling discombobulated, especially when forming sentences. So, this will be a short blog entry.



Cursed Spiders

Last week’s blog entry was not done on time due to life. Life! Anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area, or nearby, knows how unfairly hot it was outside. That temperature can put a damper on one’s creativity. So, add a broken windshield on top of that, and someone can lose their ambition entirely for that week. I went out to my car for work, to find a spider waiting for me inside. I am comically arachnophobic, by the way. Often, I try to capture spiders when they’re in my home or car, or whatever, and let them loose outside. Me being afraid of something is insufficient to pronounce a death sentence. In this instance though, when it is 5:00AM and I need to get to work, it was me or him (Mr. Spider). I slapped the glass to end the spider…and ended up cracking my windshield; enough to require a full replacement instead of a repair job. Arranging to have the windshield replaced and actually getting it done, that might be a short story down the road. And at the end, immediately after it was fixed something went wrong with my motor blower. I can’t win. With band practice and some other personal matters to attend, only a modicum of progress was made on my short story collection.


I did start a new song for the band I am in. Maybe not the best move, considering they are in the early stages of learning two other songs I presented recently. But, when inspiration strikes, it should not be dismissed. The other members in the band are quite talented. I’m almost in disbelief that I get to work with them. Everything I bring to the table, they each add their own touch to it, and the songs are sounding impressive. My solo music project, a synth-wave sound called Space Opera, is coming along. Two songs are done, and I have clear ideas for a few more. It will be just an EP, which I’ll probably release for free on Bandcamp.


Since the beginning of his career, I have been a fan of Darren Aronofsky. NOAH was the only blackspot on his filmography, until now. After serious consideration, I landed unconditionally negative on MOTHER! For me, it absolutely crossed the line between art and offensive. Much like how I felt about Lars Von Trier’s ANTICHRIST and the film CONTRACTED. I cannot recommend this film. What you watch and what you think is your business, but this one was a resounding “Nope!” in my opinion. I do not believe in banning films. They are played in theaters and peoples’ homes, and not in open view where the public has to move by and see it unwillingly. Ultimately, I was curious about the movie, so I saw it; only this turned out in the rare case where I regretted it.


Oh well. I’m moving on. Hoping by next blog entry I will have watched both available episodes of Star Trek Discovery.



Let's Play

The rewrites for my upcoming short story collection have gone slower than preferred. However, I am happy to be making any progress. This project is not something sitting on the shelf and collecting dust, which is more than what some can say about their own work. I devote what time I have, making sure to write each day, and am letting it ripen naturally. There are other things in my life that need attention too though. Fun things, responsible adult things, etc. So much to do, so little time, as they say. Ultimately, I am pleased with how the collection is shaping up. I only hope there is an audience for it once the collection is published and available.


I really have not taken time out to do a “DJ” set for Stardazer Avenue in quite some time. Too long, probably. Those were nothing more than sessions of me playing music for fun and relaxation. But, fun and relaxation are important uses of one’s time. There has though actually been movement on my synthwave project, Space Opera. By the time it’s done, who knows if it could be considered synthwave or just a mess. I have also been in the early stages with a new Chicago post-punk, gothy band. Stay tuned.


I got engaged! That has nothing to do with my art, but exciting still. As that’s a private matter, I’ll probably be more reserved about that information as we make progress towards the BIG DAY. Suffice to say, I feel positive about this change in my life. People have already asked if I’m nervous or whatnot. I really don’t see what there is to be nervous about, as far as the subject of my soon-to-be wife. Something always goes wrong the day of a wedding, and sure I’m nervous about factors like that. But, those are all out of our control, and the best thing to do is roll with the punches.


Work, real life work that is, needs to go away; far away. We could all say that, I suppose.


I’m going to try and post a blog every week now. I’ve made that claim before though. Oh well. Let’s see how this goes – Which is what they should carve on my tombstone.